Respect Life Educational Programs


Our programs for children under 13 years of age are positive presentations of the beauty and value of human life. We carefully choose language which is appropriate to the child’s age and the class setting, with consideration of information that is best left for parents to give to their children. Care is taken to avoid explicit anatomical terms, with which children would be unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Please notify us if you have questions in this regard.

Right to Life Educational Programs

RTL-SC offers oral presentations and study materials to educate the pubic on matters concerning the protection of human life in all stages. Much of the information we share is unfamiliar to many people, but is crucial for the physical and psychological health of individuals and the well-being of society.

We have presentations appropriate for all ages.

Please contact us via the Contact link above or at the office, 498-1812, for more information or to schedule a presentation.


Elementary School (grades K-5)

Presentations of picture books or age appropriate videos, which foster respect for life, include:

Horton Hears A Who, by Dr. Suess. Theme: “A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small.”

Angel in the Waters, by Regina Doman: a colorfully illustrated children’s book, depicting a child in the womb.

Baby Steps, a 4D ultrasound video

Middle School (6th, 7th and 8th grades)

Life Before Birth: an age appropriate presentation of prenatal development and
the amazing biological capacity of a mother’s body to sustain life; providing just the right environment for the pre-born child.

VIDEO: Baby Steps (4D ultrasound)

High School

We will meet the needs of your organization or school. Presentations can be given in larger group settings or to individual classes to accommodate the regular schedule. There are four programs, which are intended to be done in a four year cycle, one for each grade level or one each year.

I. PRENATAL (PRE-BIRTH) DEVELOPMENT • For biology, health, social studies or religion classes.
Biological development of pre-born child
Biological and sociological impact of pre-birth environment on child
Abortion laws, in relation to gestational stages
VIDEO: Biology of Prenatal Development (National Geographic)

II. RISKS OF ABORTION, COMPARED TO CHILDBIRTH • For biology, health, social studies or religion classes.
A frank discussion of abortion procedures
Review prenatal development facts as they relate to abortion procedures.
Discuss physiological and psychosomatic effects on post-abortive mothers of disrupting the biological process of pregnancy.
VIDEO: Silent No More Campaign

III. DISCRIMINATION: DEVALUING HUMAN LIFE AFTER BIRTH • For health, social studies or religion classes.
Addresse the increasingly common practices of Infanticide, Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia).
Discuss relation of these practices to legalized abortion, eugenics, discrimination, abuse.
VIDEO: none

IV. ABORTION INDUSTRY: THE BUSINESS OF ABORTION • For social studies, business/economics, ethics or religion classes.
What led to legalization of abortion (Margaret Sanger, eugenics)
Current regulations on abortion
Economics of abortion industry
Impact of abortion on clients and abortion providers
VIDEO: Abortion, the Inside Story

For Parents/Parent-Teachers Associations
(This presentation is intended to precede or follow the student presentation in school)

Overview of material presented to students
Discussion of infringements upon parental rights in abortion law

We believe that this is a very important talk for parents.

For Adults

Colleges, civic or community organizations, church groups

Pro-life answers to frequently asked questions
Pro-life feminism
History of abortion
End of life care
Freedom, rights and responsibility
Any of the High School Programs

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