RTL at the Fair

RTL at the Fair

Every year RTL-SC sponsors a booth at the Shelby County Fair. The exhibit featues a continuous video of a preborn infant in the womb, informational displays, and many prolife items for free and for sale.

Each year our fair volunteers experience moments that highlight the importance of Right to Life’s presence at the Shelby County Fair and other events. During the 2013 fair, a nine-year old boy approached the booth and asked why there was a “Donations” jar. Our volunteer explained a little bit about RTL’s mission and what the organization’s financial needs were, noting that it costs money even to purchase exhibit space at the fair. Half an hour later, the boy returned and placed a one dollar bill in the jar.

This young man’s contribution is testimony to his belief in the importance of pro-life witness. It’s also a reminder to us at RTL to be good stewards of the resources that you’ve entrusted to us to promote the cause of respect for life. We don’t know the boy’s name, but we’re grateful for his support and his example to all of us.

We’re grateful to all of our members as well, for your financial support and for your countless hours of service to the pro-life cause. A big thank you to Karen and Les Berning who organize the fair exhibit each year, and to the many volunteers who staff the booth during the week.



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